St John’s Garden, Islington

Urban sketching in London. A small, densely-planted garden, with big trees above, which turned out to be popular with pigeons. Droppings landed in my paintbox, and splashing on my trousers; fortunately, none on the actual drawing.



Pencil, watercolour, and crayon, 42 x 28 cm.

St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell

Urban sketching in London. Never knew this place existed: a bit of Tudor history in Islington. It had to be drawn, but difficult to find an angle where the trees didn’t hide it all. Ended up with sketchbook resting on a litterbin. Must come again, when the leaves have gone.



Pencil, watercolour, and crayon. 42 x 27 cm

Return to Christ Church Greyfriars

…or “What a difference a year makes”.


Urban sketching in London. Planned to redo this view, but found that the developers had got there first, and there was now a new office building where I had sat, less than a year ago. So did the view from the south instead.



Then returned to one of the benches inside the church space, to redo this view. Fortunately, the bench had not been redeveloped.



Pencil, ink, watercolour, and crayon. 42 x 27cm.