When it goes wrong

I tried to add another layer to the Venice print. It’s a transparent blue, to create some more shadows on the buildings and the water. But the extender, that’s the stuff you add to the ink to make it transparent, isn’t sticky like ordinary ink.

Instead, it’s slippery, and the linoblock moves when it goes through the press. A lot of the prints ended up like this:


A few printed correctly. The trick to get it to work seemed to be to put much less ink onto the block than usual.

Venice linocut, stage 3

It’s going to be a very small edition.

One thought on “When it goes wrong

  1. Oh it’s such a frustration when stuff like this happens. Your print is lovely nonetheless, small edition or no.

    I often have problems with my extender too although in my case it makes the ink more rubbery and harder to roll out.

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