By Loch Kishorn at Achintraid

Painting in Scotland: By Loch Kishorn at Achintraid. Acrylic on paper, 64 x 48cm.

River Kishorn, Scotland: Sketchbook

Drawing in heavy rain on the bridge over the River Kishorn, Scotland. Looking south towards Loch Kishorn.   North towards Meallan Gobhar.

Meall Gorm

Painting in Scotland. West from Achintraid, across Loch Kishorn to the dark peaks of Meall Gorm, fighting against the clouds and rain. Acrylic on paper, approx 64 x 48.

Cearcall Dubh

Painting in Scotland. The mound of Cearcall Dubh above Loch Kishorn, from Achintaid. Some sunshine hitting the last of the heather on the hillside. Acrylic on paper, 64 x 48cm approx.

Loch Kishorn: Sketchbook

Drawing in the wind and rain and sun and mist. Loch Kishorn, Scotland. Tonal sketches, and annotated sketches.