Urban sketching in Westminster

Another great day with the Urban Sketchers London, this time at Westminster — and what a great location too. Enough beautiful and historic buildings to keep you busy for weeks. Even more importantly, there were plenty of benches!

Here are my two drawings:


AM: From the garden of the Jewel Tower, looking up at the Houses of Parliament and the entrance to the Victoria Tower. I did get a bit lost in trying to draw every window. There were lots of barriers and police around, in preparation for the State Opening of Parliament next week.


PM: Another view of HP, from College Garden; you’ll know it as the place where news teams interview MPs. The brown lumpy thing on the right is a Henry Moore. I don’t know what the black sheddy thing on the left is: the man in a fluorescent jacket was leaning against it for the entire two hours I was there.

Each: Ink and watercolour, 43 x 13cm.