Reduction linocut, stage 8

At last, the ink on the previous layer is dry. The white that I mixed in with the blue was a different brand (Lawrence’s) to my usual one (Gerstacker), and it must have been that that caused the slow drying.

So I’ve printed another layer, in dark green:

Reduction linocut, stage 8

The image pops into life. Hopefully, one more layer will complete it.

One thought on “Reduction linocut, stage 8

  1. I have just been looking at your website, your linocut prints are absolutely stunning, so detailed!!

    I just got a notification that you left a comment on my posting internationally blog, but when I went there I couldn’t see it! Thought I would post my response here as well:

    I used to send everything airmail small packet because I thought I had to; I printed postage online and took it to the PO for proof of posting. Just before Christmas when the RM website was playing up I had to buy postage from the PO. When I was there they quoted me the Letter rate – this was cheaper as most of my items are under 40g. I queried this and they said it was fine. Since then I have probably sent 50 or more items abroad using Letter rate and they have all got there (bar one, but that was just bad luck).
    I agree that the wording on the RM website is not crystal clear. But in my experience it has been fine to post my light items as Letters. I mean – Letter goes up to 2kg – can you imagine a letter that weighed that much!!

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