Urban sketching: Smithfield

Another day out with the Urban Sketchers London in a new and interesting area, around Smithfield Market.


West Smithfield: Did anyone else see the mendicant squirrels running up to passersby, posing with their paws cupped, begging for food?

Spent two hours here, wondering why there were so many people around here that had Scottish accents… not to mention the Americans in tartan caps. When I’d finished, I realised I’d been sitting next to the William “Braveheart” Wallace memorial.


Newgate Street and Old Bailey: Spent so long drawing determinedly drawing every window that before I knew it, it was 4pm, and I’d missed the end-of-day meetup.

Each: Ink and watercolour in Moleskine watercolour album, 42 x 13cm.

On Burbage Edge: 3

On Burbage Edge: 3

On Burbage Edge: 2


On Burbage Edge: 1

Looking south from Upper Burbage Bridge

Looking south from Upper Burbage Bridge. Ink and watercolour.

Burbage Edge sketches

Some five minute landscape paintings of the hills and moors and clouds and skies over Burbage Edge. Click to see larger versions.


On Burbage Edge: 4


On Burbage Edge: 3

On Burbage Edge: 4

Later still on Owler Tor

The clouds lifted, and there was a last burst of sunshine, enough to draw by. Ink and watercolour, 26 x 21cm.


Late afternoon at Owler Tor

Actually, it wasn’t that late: about 4pm on a late September afternoon. But the clouds were dark and heavy above, and drained the colour from the landscape. Ink and watercolour, 26 x 21cm.


On Owler Tor again

Just one small area of rocks provides a seemingly endless supply of compositions to draw. Each: Ink and watercolour, 13 x 21cm.

peak-rocks-06 peak-rocks-05